31 DEC 2018 (no. 0)

Personal Comment

This is my first entry in my personal notes. I intend on writing weekly to share some notes I make and thoughts I have throughout my week. Inevitably, I will forget weeks, but this is more or less an exercise for me. If someone benefits from anything that comes from my notes, I would love to hear about it!

On Notes vs Blogs

The reason I decided to start sharing this collection of notes came from some thinking I did about why Twitter was such an excellent platform for sharing quick bits of information. Regardless of what one may think about the platform as a whole, Twitter’s method of sharing information is a type of efficiency unmatched anywhere else on the internet today.

Why might someone prefer a note (or tweet) over a blog post?

Notes are shorter and more compact. Blogs, in comparison, are long and detailed and come with certain expectations that the reader brings with them.

The intent of a note is to describe as much information as possible in as little space as possible.

Obviously, the writer could go on for longer about the discussions of what and why the note exists, but that is not the intent. The intent is to simply describe some thought or idea efficiently. Blogs are incapable of such a thing unless one brings along all the formalities that come with them. Some individuals may feel threatened with sharing information if it means bringing on all this formal criticism that is usually met with blogs.

Notes are a method of escaping this. When I write a note, I’m not expecting user engagement. I’m sharing information for myself.

That is simply what I’m aiming to accomplish here – to escape the formality of blogs.

On Burnout

Burnout can come from many things, most predominantly the feeling of the lack of productivity or value-add.

The best solutions for me thus far have been:

Taking a break from work helps a lot, especially when you’re in the remediating presence of friends and family. Work is very much like an addiction for me; therefore, personal support systems are crucial for my success.

Being creative, away from a machine, has been monumental for beating burnout. Music and art are my two escapes. If I make more music and art, I will be happier anywhere I may be. This is a trait I’ve only recently learned about myself.

End of year summary

This year has been very eventful. I’ve travelled all over the place for work and I’m very grateful for that opportunity. Not many 22 year olds can say that they’ve been to the places I’ve been. I very much so look forward to more of this. Perhaps I’ll be able to live in Europe part time at some point in the coming years. My partner and I are looking to move out of Salt Lake City this year and we are heavily considering NYC.

Looking forward to 2019!

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